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Hearing Aid USA offers helpful information on hearing aids, hearing loss and new hearing technology. We also include a helpful directory of hearing care centers throughout the United States. If you are looking for a hearing healthcare provider near you, please visit our Hearing Aid Center Directory. If you are a hearing care facility looking to be included in our directory, please submit a listing, free of charge. 


Hearing Aid Brands, an explanation

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon is a Danish company that has long been a leader in hearing instrument manufacturing. Once known as a company that specialized in BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids, they know carry many different models to fit any lifestyle or hearing loss. Their most recent innovation, the Oticon OPN hearing aid, is the first internet-connected hearing system. It also allows for direct streaming of audio from smartphones and offers a natural sound with reduced listening effort. 

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia hearing aids (formerly Siemens hearing instruments) are made all over the world as Signia is based in Germany, Singapore and New Jersey. Their latest platform is the PRIMAX platform. The Signia Primax is clinically-proven to hear better in noise with reduced listening effort. Many hearing professionals we have interview say the Primax hearing aids have excellent sound quality and processing in complex (noisy) environments. 

starkey hearing aids

Starkey is the only remaining American-owned manufacturer of hearing devices today. Owned by Bill Austin, the Starkey group also manages the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which gives hearing aids to people in developing countries. Their galas are known for attracting the biggest names in politics and entertainment, like Bill Clinton, Mark Cuban, Miley Cyrus and more. Their latest hearing aid is the Starkey Muse, which is said to have a more natural sound than previous generation. Starkey also makes the Starkey Halo series, which pairs with your smartphone and can stream music, audio and more from your iPhone or tablet directly to your hearing aids. 

Resound Hearing Aids

Resound is another Danish company that manufacturers high-quality hearing devices. They launched the first made-for-iPhone hearing system, the Resound LiNX hearing aid. The Resound LiNX uses their Smart Control App to interact with the hearing aids, giving the user unparalleled control over their personalized listening experience. 


Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing come in different shapes and sizes. Some sizes maximize power for more severe hearing losses, while other hearing aids focus on a more aesthetically pleasing design and size. 

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

In-the-canal (ITC)

In-the-canal (ITC)

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Care

  • What is the difference between an Audiologist and a Hearing Aid Dispenser?

    Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers (sometimes called Hearing Instrument Specialists) are both allowed to screen for hearing loss and fit hearing aids when appropriate. Hearing Aid Dispenser licensing differs by state, so check your local Licensing Board for more information. Hearing Aid Dispensers are often licensed under the State Health Department. Audiologists have a Masters or Doctorate in Audiology. Depending on State statutes, they can often perform more tests than a Hearing Aid Dispenser.

  • Why do hearing aids cost so much?

    Hearing aids are sophisticated miniature electronics that need ongoing maintenance by trained professionals. In addition, the major hearing aid manufacturers spend millions every year in research and development of new product. For example, some of the more recent technological advances relate to hearing in noise, which was previously very difficult for hearing aid wearers.

  • Who are the best hearing aid manufacturers?

    The major manufacturers of hearing aids today are Phonak, Unitron, Widex, Oticon, Signia (formerly Siemens), Resound and Starkey.

  • Should I buy my hearing aids online?

    While internet prices might seem attractive, it is important to remember the long term goal of purchasing hearing aids - to hear your best and improve communication with those around you. Proper hearing aid fitting and amplification requires the expertise of a professional. In addition, hearing aids often need some maintenance during their lifespan and this requires a local hearing healthcare provider to help with reprogramming, repair and adjustments.


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